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Our Quality Assurance Promise

Fidelity Building Services, Inc. is committed to
keeping our promise to provide the highest quality
commercial cleaning services in the Twin Cities.
Security: Maintaining the security of your building
and your employees is as important to us as it is to you.

Safety: From our comprehensive training program to
our on-site inspections, we keep your facility safe.
Bonded and Insured: Unlike some other companies
that provide similar services, we offer an additional
commitment to you by maintaining the highest level of
Liability Insurance.

Management: Our on-site supervisors and Quality
Assurance Manager are able to prevent most issues
before they occur. Should a complaint or service
request arise, they will immediately respond with a

Security and Safety Ensures Quality

Security and Safety is a major concern for Building
Owners and Managers. It is a topic that is first and
foremost on our minds.

We have implemented and continue to update both
our security and safety training policies. Each bonded
Fidelity employee maintains a secure and safe
environment whenever providing services in your



Our Security Policy and Safety Training is
comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics
with an emphasis on these specific areas of concern:

  • All employees must wear a Fidelity uniform and ID badge
  • All employees must wear an identification badge with name
  • Employees will keep keys with them at all times
  • Employees will never give keys to anyone at your building
  • All spills will be cleaned up immediately and a wet floor sign is used
  • Employees will never mix chemicals
  • All chemicals and supplies must be labeled properly
  • Doors will be locked and alarms will be activated nightly
  • Only Fidelity Employees will be in your building after hours
  • All employees go through State and County background checks


Green Cleaning Solutions


Employee Picnic and Anniversary

Mr. Kramer treated all of his 300 employees and their families to a great barbecue feast at Valley Fair in Shakopee, MN.