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On-Site Management

Providing 100% customer satisfaction has always been the driving force behind the success of our company and our relationships.

To prevent issues before they occur, we utilize a system of checks and balances. Our on-site supervisors monitor and train all employees at your facility. They will communicate with you DAILY to handle all requests and concerns.

We provide the following QA process:

  • Regular Quality Assurance
  • Safety and Security inspections
  • Cell phones, 2-way radios, and pagers used for communication between cleaning staff and Senior Account Managers.
  • Computerized clock in/out system with caller ID.
  • On-site log book for communication betweencustomer and cleaning staff.
  • Weekly visits from a Senior Account Manager.
  • Full-time back-up cleaning staff.
  • A Quality Assurance Manager will visit your facility during regular business hours to perform inspections to ensure that your expectations are being met. Their findings are communicated to you within 24 hours after the inspection.
  • Ultimately, you the Customer retain control over the quality of the services being performed and have many avenues of communication to resolve situations.

We take your requests seriously when one arises. We are committed to providing both a quick response and a thorough follow up.

Whenever a request is received at our main office or through our Managers, we follow a strict protocol to resolve that customer concern.

Within 24 Hours of a request, the Senior Account Manager will:

  • Visit your building
  • Follow through with your request
  • Discuss the request with the lead and/or cleaner
  • Provide written action to prevent future incidents
  • Call Customer to follow-up
  • Return their copy to the Quality Assurance Director

Every Issue is reviewed by our Quality Assur- ance Director, who will approve follow-up and place documentation on the resolution in your customer file.

Our Commitment to you:

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